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We provide only the Highest Quality Exclusive TV Roofing Leads OR Pre-Screened Call Center Verified Leads 

directly from our:

    * :30 Second  Roofing Leads TV Commercials 
    * :60 Second  Roofing Leads TV Commercials 
    * :30 Minute   Roofing Leads TV Infomercials 

We supply Live Transfer TV Roofing Leads to small and large tax roofing companies as well as larger nationwide organizations and international call-centers.

Our low wholesale prices are based on bulk upfront purchases. Resellers may contact us.

The reason our Exclusive TV Roofing Leads Leads create such high value for our clients is because of our top-tier Direct Marketing Department. Our team consist of some of the world's best and most experienced Roofing Leads Lead Generation experts.

We constantly monitor and analyze which TV networks and shows are providing the highest R.O.I for our clients. We strive to keep your cost-per-acquisition at the lowest level. We focus on targeting the more affluent prospects. That is why we only air our commercials primarily on Top-Tier TV Networks.

When you partner with us, you will feel confident that your investment dollars are showing you the absolute maximum returns that your company wants and deserves!

How TV Roofing Leads Are Generated

Our Roofing Leads TV Commercials air on specifically chosen affluent channels, such as CNN & FOX NEWS.

We never use deceptive techniques or misleading messages to persuade consumers to call.

Rather, our commercials ask the viewers a series of straightforward, high probability questions, such as:

Do You Need A New Roof?

Once the prospect calls the 1-800 number, the caller is automatically re-directed to the phone number that you provide us with.

Your specialists then pick up the phone and say:

"Hi. Thank you for calling into the Roofing Department. This is Julie. Who am I speaking with?"

You now have a Live and Interested Roofing Lead Prospect calling you.

Why Roofing Leads From TV Commercials Work

The reason Television Roofing Leads Leads provides the highest closing ratio in the industry,
is due to a few, yet very important subliminal factors:

    * Instant Company Credibility - Consumers assume that the commercial they are calling into is from your company. They immediately view your company as a credible and a trusted authority in Roofing. It is your duty to assist these consumers in an ethical and honest way.

    * Customer Control Factor - Because the consumer is calling you, they feel that they are in control.
      This is a beneficial factor which makes the consumer feel more at ease. This results in more sales.

    * Not Shopping Around - Studies have shown that consumers who call into a Roofing TV commercial advertisement are usually not speaking with other Roofing companies. This gives you the edge that you need.

    * Easy To Take Action -  These Roofing Leads Prospects are what we call "Hungry Fish in The Lake". They want to install a new Roof, but have not yet taken action. Our TV commercials make it easy for the Roofing Prospects to take immediate action.

    * Pro-Active Approach - When prospects actually take the time out to pick up the phone and dial the 800#,
      it generally means that they are serious. They have also subconsciously committed to their desire.  

Tracking & Monitoring Your Television Roofing Leads

Tracking and monitoring your Inbound Television Roofing Leads is simple and streamlined.

Once you become a client, you are automatically provided with a complimentary 1-800 number.

This 800#, that you will log into everyday, is where all live calls will be sent through.

From here, they are forwarded to your companies phone number.

Once you are logged in with your own user name and password, you will be able to view all inbound calls.

As well as:

    * Length Of Each Call
    * Caller ID Phone Number
    * Recorded Calls Of All Conversations 

Since we automatically record every conversation, you now have the ability to monitor the performance and quality control of your sales force by listening to every conversation.

Setup Time Required For TV Roofing Leads

It normally takes 24-48 to start receiving your TV Live Transfer Roofing Leads Leads after your payment is processed.

On certain occasions, we can start sending Live Leads to you the very same day.

We suggest that you set aside a specific phone number to receive your live calls.

It is important to answer your phone differently than how your company typically would.

We offer a free 15 minute conference call training session with your agents to go over over our suggested techniques for answering the phones the most effective way.

The techniques we can share with your company can make a noticeable impact on your bottom line.


Roofing Leads of home owners in need of repairs are available at a premium cost to building contractors around the United States.  

We promise to deliver the highest quality web or call center verified roofing leads of home owners that are in need of roofing repair/replacement, waterproofing, winterizing and maintenance.  

Our roofing leads are homeowners that have requested a quote through one of our many roofing lead landing pages.  

All roofing leads will go through a stringent screening process to ensure that the prospect meets your criteria and provides the highest possibility of closing.  

Our roofing leads will be asked a series of roofing questions that are pertinent to helping close your deals prior to being live transferred to your office.  

Our roofing leads come with no long term contracts and are COMPLETELY exclusive to your roofing business.  

Our specialty is getting our roofing leads landing pages ranked for keywords related to the roof lead repair industry.   

Our roofing leads network has been able to obtain thousands of customers looking to find licensed roofers in their area.  

If you own a roofing company it would be an invaluable investment to allow us to generate roof leads through our huge roofing lead network.   

We have some of the highest exposure online in the roofing category of major search engines with our traffic specifically looking for roofing contractors immediately.    

Sales is an essential component to the business of roofing but timing is even more important to realistically close the deal.  

A roofing contractor must always have a steady stream of  customers and we do our best to ensure that your roofing leads are real time, exclusive and profitable.  

Please contact us today to find out more about our Roofing Leads


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